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First Day Jitters! 

It’s official! 

First day back to school! Who knew first day of school will forever be a day that I am excited for. 

So my second year of teaching starts and I’m pretty sure I’m more nervous this year than I was last year. New curriculum, new rules, new people, new students. So much change! 

Times like today make me think of this great book I once read to students: First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg. 

( yes I am writing a blog post before 7 am and yes that is amazon because let’s be real amazon is life) 
Now I don’t want to spoil the ending if you haven’t read it quite yet but I do recommend you pick it up and read it to your kids and even for yourself. It has great illustrations, simple but effective language and a great message. Everyone has things they are scared of or are nervous about and it’s ok. Feelings are meant to be felt and acknowledging this is important as a role model to children. 

So feel scared and nervous and excited about this new start and let me know how your first day back to school went 😊 



10 months down, 10 years to go 

Count up, not down. 

Be proud of your accomplishments thus far instead of counting down until something in the future. 

I have nearly finished my first school year as a teacher. That’s 10 full months of pretending to be an adult and like I know what I’m doing. That’s 10 full months of making decisions not knowing how they will end up. That’s 10 full months of trying the best that I can to give my students everything they need to succeed. 

So this ending is bittersweet… I’m so grateful to have had this experience and I’m so grateful to have gotten to know all of these little people. 

Happy summer ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy it while it lasts… don’t count down until the next thing. Just enjoy the moment and the time you have now. Have some adventures, try to relax and regain your strength for the next little people. 

Religion or not; Sending out good vibes

As a teacher, religion has always been something that was a question that you don’t ask. 

Religion is a controversial topic that is either a heavy debate ending with offended people or a topic you just don’t discuss openly. Personally, I’ve always been curious about religion because it wasn’t explicitly taught or introduced to me growing up. What resulted growing up without a specific religion chosen for me: I was able to come to my own conclusions. 

While in no way am I an expert in my own religion or others, there are some things I believe that help me get through the day. 

I believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe that the universe has a plan for us and that each good or bad decision that changes your life… there’s a reason for it. 

I believe that if you send out good vibes into the universe, you’ll get good vibes back. There’s no science behind this, but having a positive mindset often results in positive outcomes… at least in my experiences. 

I believe that there are signs that help us make decisions. No I don’t think that some higher being is sitting up there telling us to do one thing or another but I do believe that the universe is not out to get us. It’s just trying to help so it sends us hints now and then; kinda like trusting your gut. When you really want something and it’s just not happening for whatever reason, maybe it’s not the right time or it’s not meant to happen. 

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that we should give up trying and working hard because the universe has a plan. It just helps me get through the day knowing that there’s a reason for all the obstacles and all the frustrations. It helps knowing that working hard pays off but even if you mess up, it’s ok. 

So in times like this, when I struggle with things in my life, I like to think that it’s all part of the plan and I just have to hold out till the good part. 

So I hope today, you send out some positive vibes, get some signs you were waiting for and trust that everything will be ok even if it’s not the way you envisioned. 


Off we go! 

Welcome back lovelies! 

I hope you enjoyed the time off ( if you had it) and are now ready and refreshed for Monday! 

I took advantage of the break by going down to Miami with the bae. It wasn’t as warm as we had hoped but nevertheless it was great to get away for a little bit. Check out the sights: 

It was great to see how other people live even if it’s within our country. It was fascinating to see how a little sun changes the vibe entirely. 

Anyway, back to the chaos of reality today. This month is going to be crazy busy with report cards, parent teacher conferences, papers for class, doe deadlines and door decorating contests. I’ll tell you a secret… I’m overwhelmed just thinking about it 🙈. 

But this is the life I chose, full of chaos and busyness, so onwards I go. Wish me luck!! 

A little Monday motivation featuring Dr.Seuss: 


Happy hugs and kisses day! 

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Love is in the air! Or so I’ve been told 😂. 

On a day like today, when we celebrate our loved ones, it got me thinking how to explain love to my kids. How do you explain a feeling that so many of us spend our entire lives searching for? 

So I came up with a list and then realized that these things still apply to my adult definition of love and how I want to experience it. (Bold is what I would say to my kids)  See if you agree: 

  • Someone who makes you smile when you see them- being excited to see someone. 
  • Someone who gives good hugs- someone who is affectionate.
  • Someone who listens to your stories– someone who takes an interest in your life. 
  • Someone who plays with you- someone who shares common interests. 
  • Someone who holds your hand when you’re scared– someone who is there for you. 
  • Someone who gives you a hug and helps you up when you fall– someone who is there for you even through the bad times. 
  • Someone who shares with you- someone who shares their life with you. 
  • Someone who is willing to give you their favorite toy– someone who is willing to put your needs before their own. 
  • Someone who is your friend even after you didn’t want to share your toy- someone who is there through it all. 

(Don’t judge my artistic skills 🙈) 

Now obviously this is a simplic explaination of this powerful word and it is put into very concrete situations. But let’s be honest, these things are important in a loved one. 

So I hope you enjoy this day either spending it with 16 valentines or that special one. Today is about hugs, about love, about kisses, about being grateful for people. So if you get a hug instead of a diamond ring, be grateful, be loving and be happy. 

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you loves and I hope this year your life is filled with love that melts away all your fears and makes you feel warm inside. 

Hugs and kisses, 

Feeling grounded amongst the chaos that is my life.

Sometimes things get overwhelming. Sometimes everything is happening all at once and it’s a struggle to keep calm. 

In my life, this is a common occurrence. I don’t know if that’s my personality or just how things work out. In my life, things are either not happening at all or all at once. 

With my perfectionist tendencies and anxiety it’s safe to say I freak out frequently. During times like this, having a strong support system is so important. Whether it be friends, family or a significant other, it’s important to have someone with an outside perspective to keep you grounded. 

I’m so grateful for my work family for supporting me in all my endeavors. I’m grateful for my family who is always there to help in anyway they can. I’m grateful for my bf who holds my hand and tries to convince me everything will be ok. 

I’m so grateful to the people in my life who keep me sane and try to support me in any way they can. 

So on the start of the longest day I’ve had in awhile, as I try to mentally plan out my day, I think of my support system who has my back no matter how many times I mess up, cry or freak out. 

Thank you. I’m more grateful than I can express. 


Throwback Thursday revamped

It’s easy to look back. It’s easy to reminisce and have nostalgia of a “better” time. 

Our society is constantly reinforcing this thinking back. With our “throwbacks” and “retro” interests, we are constantly urged to think back to a time in the past. 

What is so much more difficult is thinking forward. Of thinking of the future, of the thing that hasn’t happened yet. It’s scary to think of what could possibly occur in the future and so we look back instead of forward.

I’m tired of looking back. Of remembering all the things that have already happened. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so grateful for the good and the bad for making me who I am today. But I want to think of the present and the future. I want to think of what might be rather than what might have been.

So on this “throwback Thursday”, I am thinking of the vacation I have coming up and all the fun that will be. I’m thinking of my hair appointment this weekend and how sometimes a change is needed. I’m thinking of my first grad school class next week and how despite the amount of work and stress there will be, how excited I am to be learning again. 

On this “throwback Thursday” let’s try to look forward rather than backward.