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10 months down, 10 years to go 

Count up, not down. 

Be proud of your accomplishments thus far instead of counting down until something in the future. 

I have nearly finished my first school year as a teacher. That’s 10 full months of pretending to be an adult and like I know what I’m doing. That’s 10 full months of making decisions not knowing how they will end up. That’s 10 full months of trying the best that I can to give my students everything they need to succeed. 

So this ending is bittersweet… I’m so grateful to have had this experience and I’m so grateful to have gotten to know all of these little people. 

Happy summer ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy it while it lasts… don’t count down until the next thing. Just enjoy the moment and the time you have now. Have some adventures, try to relax and regain your strength for the next little people. 


Off we go! 

Welcome back lovelies! 

I hope you enjoyed the time off ( if you had it) and are now ready and refreshed for Monday! 

I took advantage of the break by going down to Miami with the bae. It wasn’t as warm as we had hoped but nevertheless it was great to get away for a little bit. Check out the sights: 

It was great to see how other people live even if it’s within our country. It was fascinating to see how a little sun changes the vibe entirely. 

Anyway, back to the chaos of reality today. This month is going to be crazy busy with report cards, parent teacher conferences, papers for class, doe deadlines and door decorating contests. I’ll tell you a secret… I’m overwhelmed just thinking about it 🙈. 

But this is the life I chose, full of chaos and busyness, so onwards I go. Wish me luck!! 

A little Monday motivation featuring Dr.Seuss: 


Throwback Thursday revamped

It’s easy to look back. It’s easy to reminisce and have nostalgia of a “better” time. 

Our society is constantly reinforcing this thinking back. With our “throwbacks” and “retro” interests, we are constantly urged to think back to a time in the past. 

What is so much more difficult is thinking forward. Of thinking of the future, of the thing that hasn’t happened yet. It’s scary to think of what could possibly occur in the future and so we look back instead of forward.

I’m tired of looking back. Of remembering all the things that have already happened. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so grateful for the good and the bad for making me who I am today. But I want to think of the present and the future. I want to think of what might be rather than what might have been.

So on this “throwback Thursday”, I am thinking of the vacation I have coming up and all the fun that will be. I’m thinking of my hair appointment this weekend and how sometimes a change is needed. I’m thinking of my first grad school class next week and how despite the amount of work and stress there will be, how excited I am to be learning again. 

On this “throwback Thursday” let’s try to look forward rather than backward. 


Lightbulb: I’m an adult! 

All of a sudden, I feel this sense of growing up; of all of a sudden being an adult. 

Let’s back up: 

It’s a regular Tuesday, I’m sitting on the bus on my way to work and all of a sudden I have these thoughts in my head. Like I’m an adult, I have a full time job, I’m a teacher, I’m going on vacation with my boyfriend in a month, I’m starting grad school in a week, I’m paying for grad school, I’m trying to get a car or move out, I’m thinking of when I get paid so I know when to splurge and when to save. 

Now, to be fair, that’s a lot of thoughts to have all at once, and while I do feel a little overwhelmed, I kind of feel accomplished and proud. I feel like I’ve finally come to the point in my life where I feel content with where I am and am looking forward to the future. 

I’m an adult. Yea I’m still living at home and my parents still make me dinner and help me out more than I can ever express, but to me, I feel like an adult. I’m slowly transitioning into becoming an independent human and that’s exciting. 

Welcome to adulthood Z ☺

It’s official! 

Today is the first day of pre-k! 

Welcome back! Did you miss me? 

As I’m sitting on the crowded bus with my brand new shirt that proudly displays my new workplace, I have lots of thoughts. ( what else is new??) 

First things first: I have to leave so much earlier than I anticipated because I forgot that everyone adults and cause traffic 😦 

Also, today I have to adult and while I may not feel like an adult, to 4 year olds.. That’s what I am. 

As I am embarking on this new adventure, I’m beginning to learn what it really means to be an adult. It’s not about knowing everything. It’s not about being fearless. It is about knowing that you can’t possibly know everything and that’s ok. It’s about being scared or nervous but also being excited about new challenges. It’s about being confident in yourself and trusting that despite the fumbles, you’ll be ok. 

So I’m wishing all my fellow teachers that today will be nerve wracking but also heart warming. I’m wishing that today makes you fall in love with teaching and your class. 

Good luck and lots of love, 

Little monsters have made an impression ☺️

Good morning 🙂 and it is a good morning! 

First of all, it’s Friday so that’s always good. 

Second, my hair is clean and soft and curly…and for those who have curly hair, you understand the hype. 

Third, I accomplished something that I was very afraid of. 

Earlier I had mentioned that I was going to be working with younger kids… Well I spent the past two days with 2 year olds. Like crying, pooping, 5 second attention span – 2 year olds. Well today is my last day with them and despite the fact that my back is killing me and I hear crying every time I close my eyes, I will miss those little monsters. 

I was covering for another teacher this week and let me tell you, it’s not easy. Everything is so much harder than I thought it would be. All the plans I made…my well thought out creative activities… They do for 3 minutes and then run off. 

It was definitely an experience let me tell you. But I’m proud of myself for going with the flow of things. For being able to keep coming back even though 8 hour days felt like 12 and I felt 83 not 22. 

I learned some new words like nom nom and learned that you have to keep talking so that they are too distracted to cry (really!) 

I realized that nothing prepares you better than just doing. Because let’s be real, who’s ever really prepared to potty train or feed a 2 year old? 

So yes, I’m not an expert. Yes, I still need practice but I’m glad I had these couple days with them so that now, I’m mentally prepared for the challenges of preschool. 

Goodbyes are never easy

Today is my last day of work, as most teachers (in public school). 

In the end we tend to think back and get nostalgic about our time. This school year has definitely had its ups and downs. I am definitely a changed person because of this job, and I’m grateful for all the lessons, experiences and support that I received while working here.

It’s a bittersweet feeling knowing that I won’t see these people every day. Knowing that I won’t be coming back next year, makes everything seem so final. I’m not sure if I impacted these people, but they most definitely impacted my life. 

Thank you for the good times, the bad times and everything in between. 

I am a better person for it. 

On to the next adventure… From third grade to three year olds. (I’ll let you know how that goes) 

Anyway, congratulations to you for making it to today, for surviving till today. It’s over. It’s finished. Don’t forget to have a drink 😉 Enjoy the summer and don’t forget to plan for next year 😜

Update: I totally cried at the end of today, and was so sad about leaving all the amazing people I have grown to admire. I also hugged so many people! So very grateful for everything this year has taught me.