It’s ok, it too shall pass.

Nothing great is ever easy. Being alive, being a part of this world full of beauty and pain is a blessing. No one ever said it would be easy though. 

Last week was rough to say the least. Let’s just say I spent my lunch break hiding in the bathroom and crying. 

I felt weak and hopeless and overwhelmed. I felt embarrassed that I felt so weak. Like it wasn’t ok. Like feeling weak was wrong. 

But in reality, feeling weak makes you stronger. It makes you human. It’s not a great feeling but it does happen occasionally.  

The thoughts running through my head were very simple… I didn’t want to feel weak and the easy way to get out of that was to leave, to leave what was creating these emotions. 

What I did instead, was put on some makeup to cover my tear stained face, put on my favorite lipstick and push through. I smiled my fake smile and I said the polite nice things. I went home and cried some more. Yea it sucked. Yea I would have so much rather have gone home and never came back but life doesn’t work like that. 

When things get hard, you have two choices: find something to fight for, or give up. I found something to fight for, someone to fight for: myself. I wasn’t going to let a rough week ruin what I have spent my whole life preparing for. 

So when things get hard, when things feel impossibly hopeless, find your reason to push through. Find that hope, whether it be your strong will, your hope for the future, your long awaited goal or simply that feeling of: yes! I survived it and I’m better for it. 

Sometimes feeling weak is ok. It’s just temporary and it shall pass. 

Stay hopeful my friends and stay pushing through. 



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