Happy hugs and kisses day! 

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Love is in the air! Or so I’ve been told 😂. 

On a day like today, when we celebrate our loved ones, it got me thinking how to explain love to my kids. How do you explain a feeling that so many of us spend our entire lives searching for? 

So I came up with a list and then realized that these things still apply to my adult definition of love and how I want to experience it. (Bold is what I would say to my kids)  See if you agree: 

  • Someone who makes you smile when you see them- being excited to see someone. 
  • Someone who gives good hugs- someone who is affectionate.
  • Someone who listens to your stories– someone who takes an interest in your life. 
  • Someone who plays with you- someone who shares common interests. 
  • Someone who holds your hand when you’re scared– someone who is there for you. 
  • Someone who gives you a hug and helps you up when you fall– someone who is there for you even through the bad times. 
  • Someone who shares with you- someone who shares their life with you. 
  • Someone who is willing to give you their favorite toy– someone who is willing to put your needs before their own. 
  • Someone who is your friend even after you didn’t want to share your toy- someone who is there through it all. 

(Don’t judge my artistic skills 🙈) 

Now obviously this is a simplic explaination of this powerful word and it is put into very concrete situations. But let’s be honest, these things are important in a loved one. 

So I hope you enjoy this day either spending it with 16 valentines or that special one. Today is about hugs, about love, about kisses, about being grateful for people. So if you get a hug instead of a diamond ring, be grateful, be loving and be happy. 

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you loves and I hope this year your life is filled with love that melts away all your fears and makes you feel warm inside. 

Hugs and kisses, 


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