Feeling grounded amongst the chaos that is my life.

Sometimes things get overwhelming. Sometimes everything is happening all at once and it’s a struggle to keep calm. 

In my life, this is a common occurrence. I don’t know if that’s my personality or just how things work out. In my life, things are either not happening at all or all at once. 

With my perfectionist tendencies and anxiety it’s safe to say I freak out frequently. During times like this, having a strong support system is so important. Whether it be friends, family or a significant other, it’s important to have someone with an outside perspective to keep you grounded. 

I’m so grateful for my work family for supporting me in all my endeavors. I’m grateful for my family who is always there to help in anyway they can. I’m grateful for my bf who holds my hand and tries to convince me everything will be ok. 

I’m so grateful to the people in my life who keep me sane and try to support me in any way they can. 

So on the start of the longest day I’ve had in awhile, as I try to mentally plan out my day, I think of my support system who has my back no matter how many times I mess up, cry or freak out. 

Thank you. I’m more grateful than I can express. 



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