Throwback Thursday revamped

It’s easy to look back. It’s easy to reminisce and have nostalgia of a “better” time. 

Our society is constantly reinforcing this thinking back. With our “throwbacks” and “retro” interests, we are constantly urged to think back to a time in the past. 

What is so much more difficult is thinking forward. Of thinking of the future, of the thing that hasn’t happened yet. It’s scary to think of what could possibly occur in the future and so we look back instead of forward.

I’m tired of looking back. Of remembering all the things that have already happened. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so grateful for the good and the bad for making me who I am today. But I want to think of the present and the future. I want to think of what might be rather than what might have been.

So on this “throwback Thursday”, I am thinking of the vacation I have coming up and all the fun that will be. I’m thinking of my hair appointment this weekend and how sometimes a change is needed. I’m thinking of my first grad school class next week and how despite the amount of work and stress there will be, how excited I am to be learning again. 

On this “throwback Thursday” let’s try to look forward rather than backward. 



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