New Year, New Mindset, Same me

Happy New Years!! 

To me, New Years is a big deal. It’s a time for reflection, celebration and a time to make changes. 

I’m not talking about joining a gym that you know you won’t go to or buying that juicer that will finally allow you to lose those pesky pounds. 

I’m talking about reflecting on the people in your life. Figuring out if they make your life better or just make things more difficult. 

There are always going to be people who are around when things are good or when they have the upper hand ( doing better than you, having more than you, feeling superior). But those people don’t stick around when things get hard or when things finally turn around and you’re doing better than them. These are the type of people that I advise you leave in the old year. 

This year, surround yourself with people who are there to build you up when you’re down and are there to celebrate your successes. Surround yourself with people who go out of their way to make time for you, whether it’s a phone call, that “how was your day” text or even a quick hug after a long day. Those are the people who will make this year better through the good times and the bad. Those are the people you should be keeping around. 

So this New Years, I’m grateful to have found someone who is that person for me. I’m grateful to have a family who is always supporting me. I’m grateful for my job that even on the worst days, brings me content. I’m so grateful and I can’t wait to see what this year will bring. 

So, Happy New Years, and I hope this year you find people who are worthy of your time, love and energy. 



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