Intentions vs reality 

Intentions are important. Intentions are what determine our true selves. Or at least that’s what I have always thought. 

“Of course I didn’t intend to hurt you”

“My intentions were good even though I lied” 

Are intentions really all that matter? Intentions are like the ideals we try to reach. The potential we know we have. We want to be good people and do good things. But is that all that matters? 

What about the reality of what happened? What about the words that were said or the actions that were taken? Yea, maybe the intentions were good, but that doesn’t erase the reality of hurt feelings or tears in the dark. 

I appreciate the intentions, the ideals, the potential, the desire to do good. But I can’t ignore the reality. Things were said. Things were done. Regardless of intentions, feelings were hurt and saying sorry doesn’t change that. 



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