Happy November!

So it’s officially November which means it’s almost December which means it’s almost New Year. Which is so close to June! 

Anyways, November is all about being thankful and grateful. While we should always be those things and have those things on our mind, it’s a little reminder to say them aloud. 

I’m so grateful to have a job that challenges me on the daily.

 I’m so grateful to have co-workers that are supportive and know how to make me smile. 

I’m so grateful for the moments when my kids run up to me just because they want a hug or when they smile as soon as they see me. 

I’m grateful for the progress I have made as a teacher and as a person.

 I’m thankful that despite my anxiety and hesitation, I have been able to come to work every day and try my hardest. 

I’m grateful and I’m thankful and I’m tired. 

Happy November and I sincerely hope that as you end your day, you remember the things that make it all worth it. 

Be grateful, be thankful and be happy. 



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