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The Dreaded PTC: Positive Vibes and Outcomes

So yesterday was parent teacher conferences and it was the first time I was the teacher. 

For four hours, I spoke to parents about their child’s strengths and weaknesses. The definition of glow and grow. I listened to their concerns, their questions and best of all: their praise. 

Not one parent looked down on me for being so young or inexperienced. Not one parent said “you can’t know that because you don’t have your own kids”. They listened, they agreed and were thankful that I knew their child. That I really knew them. Their personalities, their interests, their strengths and areas that could be improved on. 

Through the craziness of the past three months, I have gotten to know 16 little humans who I now have a soft spot for. 

These kids want to learn and play and be appreciated and that’s what they are able to get. 

So waking up this morning was a little easier knowing that what I have been doing, all the hard work and all the time I’ve committed is appreciated and acknowledged. Yes I’m exhausted and can’t believe it’s only Wednesday but I have a little pep in my step ☺️. 

Funny story: During one of the breaks, I walked into my room and announced that I need hugs. Eight little munchkins ran over and nearly tackled me. And then I felt like I could continue haha. 



Intentions vs reality 

Intentions are important. Intentions are what determine our true selves. Or at least that’s what I have always thought. 

“Of course I didn’t intend to hurt you”

“My intentions were good even though I lied” 

Are intentions really all that matter? Intentions are like the ideals we try to reach. The potential we know we have. We want to be good people and do good things. But is that all that matters? 

What about the reality of what happened? What about the words that were said or the actions that were taken? Yea, maybe the intentions were good, but that doesn’t erase the reality of hurt feelings or tears in the dark. 

I appreciate the intentions, the ideals, the potential, the desire to do good. But I can’t ignore the reality. Things were said. Things were done. Regardless of intentions, feelings were hurt and saying sorry doesn’t change that. 


Happy November!

So it’s officially November which means it’s almost December which means it’s almost New Year. Which is so close to June! 

Anyways, November is all about being thankful and grateful. While we should always be those things and have those things on our mind, it’s a little reminder to say them aloud. 

I’m so grateful to have a job that challenges me on the daily.

 I’m so grateful to have co-workers that are supportive and know how to make me smile. 

I’m so grateful for the moments when my kids run up to me just because they want a hug or when they smile as soon as they see me. 

I’m grateful for the progress I have made as a teacher and as a person.

 I’m thankful that despite my anxiety and hesitation, I have been able to come to work every day and try my hardest. 

I’m grateful and I’m thankful and I’m tired. 

Happy November and I sincerely hope that as you end your day, you remember the things that make it all worth it. 

Be grateful, be thankful and be happy.