Appreciated and grateful 

Good morning lovelies! 

The good news is, you made it through two days of this week… The bad news… It’s not Friday yet 😔

So far, this week has been a little chaotic. 

On Monday, I had to cover for another teacher so I wasn’t with my class and on Tuesday, I was alone with 16 children. 

It’s been a little crazy. 

But I’ve been trying to figure out how I feel about this new job. I think at my age (23) it’s ok to be selfish and choose jobs or careers that bring you the feeling of accomplishment and content. So as I sat outside last night enjoying the cool evening, I was sore and exhausted and ready for bed.. I realized that despite everything, I really enjoy this job. 

Yes, I’m doing so many more things than I anticipated. Yes, things get a little crazy way easier with 4 year olds than 4th graders. Yes, things happen and I have to adapt to them. However, I feel appreciated. To me that’s so important. I feel supported. I feel like I want to come into work and see my coworkers and see my kids.

Appreciation and support are two things that I was looking for as a first year teacher and I’m so  grateful that I found it. 

So yes, I can’t wait for the weekend so I can sleep and rest and not move. But I’m also so grateful for my job that will help me with my career in the long run. 

Have a great day and be grateful for the good things. 



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