Monthly Archives: September 2016

Appreciated and grateful 

Good morning lovelies! 

The good news is, you made it through two days of this week… The bad news… It’s not Friday yet 😔

So far, this week has been a little chaotic. 

On Monday, I had to cover for another teacher so I wasn’t with my class and on Tuesday, I was alone with 16 children. 

It’s been a little crazy. 

But I’ve been trying to figure out how I feel about this new job. I think at my age (23) it’s ok to be selfish and choose jobs or careers that bring you the feeling of accomplishment and content. So as I sat outside last night enjoying the cool evening, I was sore and exhausted and ready for bed.. I realized that despite everything, I really enjoy this job. 

Yes, I’m doing so many more things than I anticipated. Yes, things get a little crazy way easier with 4 year olds than 4th graders. Yes, things happen and I have to adapt to them. However, I feel appreciated. To me that’s so important. I feel supported. I feel like I want to come into work and see my coworkers and see my kids.

Appreciation and support are two things that I was looking for as a first year teacher and I’m so  grateful that I found it. 

So yes, I can’t wait for the weekend so I can sleep and rest and not move. But I’m also so grateful for my job that will help me with my career in the long run. 

Have a great day and be grateful for the good things. 



It’s official! 

Today is the first day of pre-k! 

Welcome back! Did you miss me? 

As I’m sitting on the crowded bus with my brand new shirt that proudly displays my new workplace, I have lots of thoughts. ( what else is new??) 

First things first: I have to leave so much earlier than I anticipated because I forgot that everyone adults and cause traffic 😦 

Also, today I have to adult and while I may not feel like an adult, to 4 year olds.. That’s what I am. 

As I am embarking on this new adventure, I’m beginning to learn what it really means to be an adult. It’s not about knowing everything. It’s not about being fearless. It is about knowing that you can’t possibly know everything and that’s ok. It’s about being scared or nervous but also being excited about new challenges. It’s about being confident in yourself and trusting that despite the fumbles, you’ll be ok. 

So I’m wishing all my fellow teachers that today will be nerve wracking but also heart warming. I’m wishing that today makes you fall in love with teaching and your class. 

Good luck and lots of love,