Monthly Archives: July 2016

Little monsters have made an impression ☺️

Good morning 🙂 and it is a good morning! 

First of all, it’s Friday so that’s always good. 

Second, my hair is clean and soft and curly…and for those who have curly hair, you understand the hype. 

Third, I accomplished something that I was very afraid of. 

Earlier I had mentioned that I was going to be working with younger kids… Well I spent the past two days with 2 year olds. Like crying, pooping, 5 second attention span – 2 year olds. Well today is my last day with them and despite the fact that my back is killing me and I hear crying every time I close my eyes, I will miss those little monsters. 

I was covering for another teacher this week and let me tell you, it’s not easy. Everything is so much harder than I thought it would be. All the plans I made…my well thought out creative activities… They do for 3 minutes and then run off. 

It was definitely an experience let me tell you. But I’m proud of myself for going with the flow of things. For being able to keep coming back even though 8 hour days felt like 12 and I felt 83 not 22. 

I learned some new words like nom nom and learned that you have to keep talking so that they are too distracted to cry (really!) 

I realized that nothing prepares you better than just doing. Because let’s be real, who’s ever really prepared to potty train or feed a 2 year old? 

So yes, I’m not an expert. Yes, I still need practice but I’m glad I had these couple days with them so that now, I’m mentally prepared for the challenges of preschool.