Rules are not just for kids

In our classroom we are reading Rules written by Cynthia Lord as a read aloud. 

I read it on my own just because I wanted to see how it would end and I have to say it’s an amazing book that kinda reminds me of the book Wonder, that I’ve mentioned before. 

It is written from the point of view of a young girl who has an autistic brother. The main character, Catherine, makes up rules for her brother to follow throughout the book and some of them are as silly as “no toys in the fish tank” while others are deeper in meaning like ” when someone is upset it’s not a good time to bring up your own problems”. 

I find myself in awe of some of the things that this author has written. While it is written for kids in middle school, I find myself relating and being deeply affected by some of the things she wrote. Here’s some quotes that have stayed with me: 

“Mom says I have to deal with what is and not to get my hopes up, but how else can hopes go but up?”

“Some people think they know who you are, when really they don’t.” 

“Looking closer can make something beautiful.”

“It hurts how life goes on, unknowing.”

“…choosing words is harder than I thought.” 

That last quote, is very relevant to me as of late. Sometimes it’s just hard to find the words to accurately describe how you feel and what you want to say. And I was an English major so take it from me, it’s a thing. 

Well anyway, check out this awesome book when you get a chance, it’s a quick read but it’s definitely worth reading. 

And with that, one last quote: 

Happy Tuesday! 



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