Fair warning: ranting begins now:

I am 22 years old. I am a female. I am not tragic looking. These are not things that define my existence. 

I am a person who wakes up every morning and struggles to face the world. I am a person who spent four and a half years working my butt off to get a degree and teacher certification. I am a person who reads in most of my free time to learn, to be inspired, to be better. I am a person who has opinions, ideas and thoughts. 

Listening to people judge me based on my age, based on my appearance and based on my gender is insulting. 

Why does it matter? Why does it matter what I look like? Why does it matter that my age is younger than your expectations? Why does it matter if I am a female? 

Shouldn’t it matter how kind I am? How determined I am? How hard I work? What kind of person I am when no one is looking? 

Don’t put me down over things I can’t control. Don’t limit me over things I can’t change.

See me for who I am. For who I strive to be. For who I work towards every day. 

I am not a sweetie, I am not a honey, I am not a baby. I am a determined young woman. Don’t use these terms of supposed affection just to feel superior.


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