Be you, woman and all. 

International woman’s day… 

In my family, this holiday was celebrated fiercely. We acknowledged all that women do and applauded it all knowing that it rarely gets recognized. 

Women are taught to work hard and bear hardships silently. We are taught not to speak up and taught to stand by. 

But let’s be real. We are strong. We are independent. We work harder than men to be accepted and acknowledged. 

In a field that has always been dominated by women, teaching has been a traditional job for a woman. It was seen as another form of taking care of children. Now, so much is expected of teachers and so much of this work is over looked. 

While I’m not complaining, because entering into this profession I was aware of these things, I feel like this attitude has seeped into other aspects of my life. I feel like I forget that I am able to stand up for myself. I forget that I have a voice and that my hardships should not be kept to myself when a change could be possible. 

Here’s what I discovered recently: 

  • Being passive will only get you so far. Be an active participant in your own life. 
  • There’s a big difference between being bitchy and standing up for yourself. When someone is treating you unfairly, you have every right to stand up for yourself…no one else will do it for you. 
  • There’s a difference between being cocky and confident. Be proud of your skills but be open minded to learning more. 
  • It’s not a battle of the sexes. Women and men are equals. We are all human. We deserve to be acknowledged for our successes. 
  • Living in a society that has double standards… You do you. It’s your life, you make the decisions. People will judge you no matter what you do, at least do it your way. 
  • You are stronger than you ever realized. Don’t let things get you down. You are capable of this, whatever this may be. Have faith in yourself and push forward to the brinks of your comfort zone. 
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. Be better than yourself. Compare yourself to your past. Acknowledge the growth and set higher goals. You could do it. 

To all the inspirational,strong and supportive women in my life, here’s a day to you. To recognize your success, your kindness and your passion in a world that may over look it. Be who you are and be proud 💙



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