100 days of school! 

So on Friday, it was the 100th day of school… Well if you haven’t missed any days 😜

Many of the classes looked back on their 100 days and discovered that they learned many things in those days. Students were considered “100 days older” which meant they were 100 days wiser.

I thought this was a cute idea to celebrate the 100th day of school until I realized how smart it actually is. 

Students become aware that they have done classroom routines at least 100 times and now there are higher expectations. 

The teacher I am working with said exactly this: you have done this 100 times, so by now you should know how to do this. You are closer to being a 4th grader than a 2nd grader. 

Now this may seem harsh, but let’s be real, after doing something 100 times you should be an expert. 

So if your kids are still forgetting the simple routines of the classroom, there’s a problem. 

So fingers crossed that these children who are 100 days older and wiser will finally figure out how to line up or unpack. 

Happy forever days of school teachers 😜



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