Welcome back to reality 

It’s been a while hasn’t it? 

Well I hope you all enjoyed the wonders of having time off when you work in a school. And I hope you all have gotten back into the habit of reality aka small children and loud noises all of the time. 

I went to visit my brother in Vancouver and just came back to work today. And it’s a bit shocking I have to say. All the kids seem to look younger after spending a week with adults.

So my trip was more adventurous than relaxing but surprisingly I have so much energy and motivation to get things done at work. 

Here’s some pictures from my trip: 

   Reminding myself of the beauty in nature has definitely given me a calmer perspective on things and I just hope that it lasts longer than just today. 

Have a great week! Hopefully test prep doesn’t want to make you cry because this is only the start. 

-Sending good and calm vibes your way. Z 


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