With vs. At 

I have come to realize that not many people are actually capable of listening. They “listen” but don’t seem to actually hear what is being said. 

It is very frustrating to talk to a person who refuses to listen or hear what you are saying to them. 

In personal conversations I have found that people often have two conversations happening at once. Two people speaking at each other rather with each other. They are not processing the information being told to them, they are just waiting for the other person to stop talking so that they can start. 

In other conversations, perhaps professional ones, it is very frustrating to have the same conversations over and over again. Having the same argument time after time, solves nothing and just gets very very annoying. 

I am just so tired of talking and not being heard. It feels awful and honestly like my voice does not matter. 

Why is our society so ok with these types of interactions? Why is it ok to be talked at rather than with? 


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