Just do it! 

It is so important to treat yourself and to stay healthy. I find that sometimes we get so focused on helping and nurturing other people that we forget to focus on ourselves. 

Today was a big day for me personally. I joined a gym and worked out. 

Now to be fair, it’s a small gym and I worked out for a short period of time. But it’s a start and it’s something that I want to keep doing. 

I felt proud to be among people trying to better themselves and was in awe of how strong or flexible some people were. I felt empowered that I was taking control of my body and my health. It was a great feeling. 

Balancing teaching, social life, and working out is a tough thing to do. But sometimes you just have to find the time. Just find the strength and push yourself. 

I was exhausted and sore coming home from work. But I got dressed and went and did it. And now, I just feel so proud of myself. And I know I will continue to push myself to go and to have a healthier body as well as mind. 

I may be corny, I may celebrate things that seem insignificant to others. But this was a big achievement for me personally. And I wanted to share that joy with you all 🙂 



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