What is a social life? 

I have always put my education and my career first. I’ve always thought those were important things that should take first priority. And I have enjoyed putting in all my effort into something I am very passionate about. 

However, I have missed out on social things that I suppose are important to a certain extent. Like going out with friends or finding a significant other. 

It has always been a struggle for me to balance my passion for my education and career and having a social life. I feel like I can’t just half ass both. It should be 100% or nothing. 

But this mindset has left me without a social life.

So how do you balance these two aspects of life which could potentially be equally important? 

Sigh. It’s difficult to think of finding someone when you are too busy thinking about 31 different children that depend on you. It’s exhausting and idk how to find the energy to do both. 


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