The role of a TEACHER not a babysitter

This week has not been easy to say the least. 

If you could imagine all of the things that stress you out… And put them all in one room…and have to stay in that room for 5 days… That’s how this week felt.

The worst thing? Let me tell you. 

Today at our publishing party a parent of a child told me that the reason he does not respect me is because I’m young and he thinks I’m his babysitter. 

Let me just say: I have spent the last four and a half years working my butt off to become a teacher and to be 22 years old and hold a certification is impressive. I have never worked for anything harder in my life because I knew it was what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be. To have a parent use my age against me, to say that her child (and probably her) have no respect for me because I am young… Is discrimination. 

I went to a good school and passed all my tests. I come in day in and day out and take care of children who are not always nice to me. I spend all of my time thinking about them and spend money that I don’t exactly have to spare to do something kind for them. Every time a child cries, or needs help or just needs a hug I am there without question. When my coworkers call out of work and I have to run around covering for everyone I do it without question. When I get paid for working 8-3 but I come in at 7:30 and leave no earlier than 4:00 every day and still I am no better than a babysitter? 

That is not ok. That is not respectful. And that is just pure ignorant. 

TEACHER and BABYSITTER are two completely different roles and I never want to hear that comparison again. 


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