Midweek update. Break is days away! 

Happy hump day! The weekend is so close! Yet so far 😡 

Today I was told to cover a kindergarten class instead of my usual third graders. It was an exhausting but teaching experience! I found so many similarities between the things that these two groups of children do to my surprise. 

There are the kids who just can’t sit still quietly and are constantly being asked to calm their body and sit without speaking. There are kids who just need to have a conversation with you and then they stop acting out. There are kids who eat as if it was their last meal and those that miss their mouth 9 times out of 10. 

The little kiddies are cute don’t get me wrong. But I spent the majority of the day taking them to the bathroom instead of being part of the class. I also got to see how “gifted and talented” kindergarteners write which was a cool experience. They know the most random things and the most random words and it’s kind of amazing to see how such a small human can have so much knowledge and personality already. 

Side note: a boy asked me about the presidential political parties these morning and I was like uhhhh. I should probably learn a little something if I want to keep up with them! 

Today was a craziness kinda day. But I got to hang out with 24 cute kiddies that reminded me to be patient and kind, even in frustrating situations. 

LEARN SOMETHING NEW EVERYDAY …even from 5 year olds 🙂 



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