Monday motivation 

Good morning! 

I woke up this morning to a foggy day and I definitely was not motivated to get out bed. 

This week is going to be one crazy week for me and I definitely needed something to inspire me but also something to look forward to. 

Side rant: 

There are three major types of learners. There are visual, auditory and sensory learners. These may seem very self explanatory but basically either they learn from seeing things, hearing things or touching things. Now no one is just one type of learner but everyone has one type that is typically their main way of gathering information. 

I am a visual learner first and foremost. In class I am always more concentrated when I have something to look at (a slideshow, an outline, a reading etc). Whenever I study, I am always using different colored pens or markers so that I can remember where on the page I wrote it and in what color. 

This may seem crazy but that’s how I’ve been surviving college and hey it works for me so whatever. 

Anyway, back to the motivation! I have always been the type of person who cuts out pretty pictures, colors or designs from old magazines. And I have tried different ways to display it without hurting my walls (my father would not be happy if I did). 

My latest idea came to me over the weekend and was definitely a motivator. 

I had this old bulletin type board that used to hang on my wall before we redid my room. And afterwards, we didn’t want to drill holes in the brand new walls so it’s kinda been sitting in a closet gathering dust. 

Well long story short,I found it and put up some things to put a smile on my face, give me something to look forward to and decorate my room in an easy and temporary way. 

I put up a picture that a girl from my class gave me( she really got my highlights down haha) and a Hanukkah card another girl made me when she heard I wasn’t celebrating with my family this year. 

I also have some holiday themed pictures that remind me that the holidays are upon us, even if I’m too stressed to enjoy them right now. 

It may be silly. It may be childish. I may only use it just this once. But I woke up this morning, took a look at this and it put a smile on my face and helped me get out of bed. Even if it helps me once in a while, why not! 

Find what motivates you. Whether it be burning candles, playing music, having comforting blankets/pillows or putting up some pictures or motivational words. Do it for you. Do it to remind you to smile even on the worst, and most stressful day. 

I hope you have a great Monday even if it is packed with stuff to do. Enjoy! 



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