Inside Broadway adventures

Yesterday we went on a trip to see some scenes from Finding Neverland. Let’s just say, I’m glad we aren’t going on another trip for awhile! 

I had some issues with this type of trip. Don’t get me wrong it was interesting to see “previews” of the show and I have to say I want to watch it in full length now. 

However, the kids were confused as to what was going on. There was no tak of Peter Pan or anything close to that topic before the trip and it has nothing to do with the curriculum. It was a fun experience for me (other than the commute there and back on public transportation) but the kids were either bored or very confused. 

Trips are meant to supplement the things that we are learning. They should be fun but they should also be educational. Even if it’s just about how an author got inspired to write (which is basically what Finding Neverland  is about). There could have been a conversation or discussion about author motivations or how anybody could be a writer if they have the right inspirations. It could have been easily done ten minutes before we left for the trip and afterwards we could have talked about what we learned about this particular author motivation or inspiration. 

There was none of this. The teachers were stressed out. The parents were bored, he kids were confused or bored. I was stressed and exhausted. I just don’t know how beneficial it was to anyone! 

Regardless, I’m sure the kids got a kick out of not being in school and going on the train with all their friends. Hopefully, next trip will be a lot less stressful and more explained (if that’s even the right word for it). 

Maybe I’ll get to see the full show and have more to say on the actual story and performance soon 🙂 



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