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Passionate people

There is something so amazing about a person who is passionate about what they do. 

There is something so amazing about a person who takes pride in their work.

There is something so amazing about a person who smiles this smile like they know they did good. 

These are the people that inspire me. These are the people that make me believe that there is good in the wonrld as corny as that may sound. 

These are the people that give me hope for our future. The people who know they are doing something important, even if it may not seem important. 

So here’s a shout out to the people who work their butt off and don’t often get acknowledged. Here’s to the people that take pride in their work who deserve to be thanked, applauded and celebrated. 

Here’s to you. 



Beautiful people

I read this this morning and I felt like I needed to share:

Beautiful people are the ones who struggle, who have felt pain, who have overcome challenges in their lives. They are the ones who have passion, who are kind to others and who have beauty inside of them. 


Work hard, don’t let obstacles stop you. Be a beautiful person in this big bad world. 

The role of a TEACHER not a babysitter

This week has not been easy to say the least. 

If you could imagine all of the things that stress you out… And put them all in one room…and have to stay in that room for 5 days… That’s how this week felt.

The worst thing? Let me tell you. 

Today at our publishing party a parent of a child told me that the reason he does not respect me is because I’m young and he thinks I’m his babysitter. 

Let me just say: I have spent the last four and a half years working my butt off to become a teacher and to be 22 years old and hold a certification is impressive. I have never worked for anything harder in my life because I knew it was what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be. To have a parent use my age against me, to say that her child (and probably her) have no respect for me because I am young… Is discrimination. 

I went to a good school and passed all my tests. I come in day in and day out and take care of children who are not always nice to me. I spend all of my time thinking about them and spend money that I don’t exactly have to spare to do something kind for them. Every time a child cries, or needs help or just needs a hug I am there without question. When my coworkers call out of work and I have to run around covering for everyone I do it without question. When I get paid for working 8-3 but I come in at 7:30 and leave no earlier than 4:00 every day and still I am no better than a babysitter? 

That is not ok. That is not respectful. And that is just pure ignorant. 

TEACHER and BABYSITTER are two completely different roles and I never want to hear that comparison again. 

Midweek update. Break is days away! 

Happy hump day! The weekend is so close! Yet so far 😡 

Today I was told to cover a kindergarten class instead of my usual third graders. It was an exhausting but teaching experience! I found so many similarities between the things that these two groups of children do to my surprise. 

There are the kids who just can’t sit still quietly and are constantly being asked to calm their body and sit without speaking. There are kids who just need to have a conversation with you and then they stop acting out. There are kids who eat as if it was their last meal and those that miss their mouth 9 times out of 10. 

The little kiddies are cute don’t get me wrong. But I spent the majority of the day taking them to the bathroom instead of being part of the class. I also got to see how “gifted and talented” kindergarteners write which was a cool experience. They know the most random things and the most random words and it’s kind of amazing to see how such a small human can have so much knowledge and personality already. 

Side note: a boy asked me about the presidential political parties these morning and I was like uhhhh. I should probably learn a little something if I want to keep up with them! 

Today was a craziness kinda day. But I got to hang out with 24 cute kiddies that reminded me to be patient and kind, even in frustrating situations. 

LEARN SOMETHING NEW EVERYDAY …even from 5 year olds 🙂 


Monday motivation 

Good morning! 

I woke up this morning to a foggy day and I definitely was not motivated to get out bed. 

This week is going to be one crazy week for me and I definitely needed something to inspire me but also something to look forward to. 

Side rant: 

There are three major types of learners. There are visual, auditory and sensory learners. These may seem very self explanatory but basically either they learn from seeing things, hearing things or touching things. Now no one is just one type of learner but everyone has one type that is typically their main way of gathering information. 

I am a visual learner first and foremost. In class I am always more concentrated when I have something to look at (a slideshow, an outline, a reading etc). Whenever I study, I am always using different colored pens or markers so that I can remember where on the page I wrote it and in what color. 

This may seem crazy but that’s how I’ve been surviving college and hey it works for me so whatever. 

Anyway, back to the motivation! I have always been the type of person who cuts out pretty pictures, colors or designs from old magazines. And I have tried different ways to display it without hurting my walls (my father would not be happy if I did). 

My latest idea came to me over the weekend and was definitely a motivator. 

I had this old bulletin type board that used to hang on my wall before we redid my room. And afterwards, we didn’t want to drill holes in the brand new walls so it’s kinda been sitting in a closet gathering dust. 

Well long story short,I found it and put up some things to put a smile on my face, give me something to look forward to and decorate my room in an easy and temporary way. 

I put up a picture that a girl from my class gave me( she really got my highlights down haha) and a Hanukkah card another girl made me when she heard I wasn’t celebrating with my family this year. 

I also have some holiday themed pictures that remind me that the holidays are upon us, even if I’m too stressed to enjoy them right now. 

It may be silly. It may be childish. I may only use it just this once. But I woke up this morning, took a look at this and it put a smile on my face and helped me get out of bed. Even if it helps me once in a while, why not! 

Find what motivates you. Whether it be burning candles, playing music, having comforting blankets/pillows or putting up some pictures or motivational words. Do it for you. Do it to remind you to smile even on the worst, and most stressful day. 

I hope you have a great Monday even if it is packed with stuff to do. Enjoy! 


Inside Broadway adventures

Yesterday we went on a trip to see some scenes from Finding Neverland. Let’s just say, I’m glad we aren’t going on another trip for awhile! 

I had some issues with this type of trip. Don’t get me wrong it was interesting to see “previews” of the show and I have to say I want to watch it in full length now. 

However, the kids were confused as to what was going on. There was no tak of Peter Pan or anything close to that topic before the trip and it has nothing to do with the curriculum. It was a fun experience for me (other than the commute there and back on public transportation) but the kids were either bored or very confused. 

Trips are meant to supplement the things that we are learning. They should be fun but they should also be educational. Even if it’s just about how an author got inspired to write (which is basically what Finding Neverland  is about). There could have been a conversation or discussion about author motivations or how anybody could be a writer if they have the right inspirations. It could have been easily done ten minutes before we left for the trip and afterwards we could have talked about what we learned about this particular author motivation or inspiration. 

There was none of this. The teachers were stressed out. The parents were bored, he kids were confused or bored. I was stressed and exhausted. I just don’t know how beneficial it was to anyone! 

Regardless, I’m sure the kids got a kick out of not being in school and going on the train with all their friends. Hopefully, next trip will be a lot less stressful and more explained (if that’s even the right word for it). 

Maybe I’ll get to see the full show and have more to say on the actual story and performance soon 🙂 


Listen to your elders friends

I just spent three hours talking to my grandparents and here is what I learned: 

  • They know so much more than we give them credit for.
  • They know when to bring you food even when you tell them not to. 
  • They know how the world works even if they don’t know how technology works. 
  • They will tell you the truth even if it hurts.
  • They will yell at you until you see their point of view. 
  • They will tell you that you were raised right and that you have a good head on your shoulders. 
  • They will tell you to be proud of your accomplishments and not worry about others. 
  • They will hug and kiss you until everything feels ok. 
  • They will call you to say goodnight even though you just spent three hours talking to them. 
  • They won’t be around forever. 

I love my grandparents dearly and I only recently discovered that I am more like my grandma than I thought. She is patient and she is kind but she is also very aware.  

I don’t know how much longer they will be around but I am grateful for them now more than ever. 

As the holidays approach, don’t forget to spend some time with your parents and grandparents. If you put your pride away you might realize how much they have to teach you.