Choose to be kind

I have this habit of getting overwhelmed when there’s a lot of things going on and tend to take it out on people around me. I never do it maliciously, or to be spiteful but sometimes, there’s too many emotions bottled up inside and they come out at all the wrong people. 

It’s been a rough week and there is definitely this feeling of being overwhelmed that I’m still learning to deal with as an emerging adult. 

For one of my classes, I have to read the book “Wonder” about a boy with a face deformity who goes to school for the first time. It’s a children’s book but there are so many profoundly deep moments and ideas that this is my second time reading it and it still surprises me.

There is this English teacher in the story that gives his students a quote once a month that has to do with what they are learning but also has todo with life. 

One of the first quotes he gives is : when given the choice to be right or kind, choose kind. 

Now I may be a sentimental person but I feel that this is perfect advice for everyone. This is something that I want hanging in my room at home and in my future classroom. We often forget that others have feelings and are hurt by our words or actions. Choosing to be kind is such a powerful message and I have to say it has helped me put things in perspective this past week. 

So it shall be my mantra for the month of November. Choose to be kind. Because it is a choice. 

Here’s hoping that the rest of this month is a little less overwhelming and a little more kind. 

Check out the book WONDER written by R.J Palacio! It’s a heartwarming book! 

Choose to be kind my friends! 



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