Building a community

There’s something to be said as to teaching being a group activity. With the amount of stress and work that goes into teaching, we need to have a support system that will understand us. Sure, a significant other or friend can sympathize but only a fellow teacher will truly understand. Building a community within the workplace is so important. 

Today was a professional development day. This means that no kids were in the school and the teachers got together with the administrators of the school and discussed important stuff. They also had different types of workshops. 

Now ideally, the administrators will be supportive and understanding of the situations that teachers deal with. Realistically, it doesn’t always happen that way. 

Relating to people, having people you can turn to to b*tch about the amount of papers you have yet to grade is important. I honestly don’t think it’s possible to stay sane without it. 

There’s two adults in my classroom and we rely on each other. I stay later than I need to so that I can speak with the teacher freely of the happenings of the day or just about how we are feeling.

This may sound silly, but it makes me feel valid. It makes my emotions and stresses feel valid. It’s overwhelming and it’s so comforting to have someone listen to you and understand exactly what you are talking about. 

So today, I made sure to check in with my TA coworkers and checked in with the third grade teachers. Just to see how they were doing. To see if they needed help or just to talk. 

I realized that everyone gets stressed and overwhelmed and that it’s completely natural. It happens. Talk it out. Take a breathe. And keep going. 


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