And then…

So today one of my kids kicked a ball into my face. Now when I say into my face, I mean it hit my nose and my glasses and just BAM! I was upset and in pain as you can probably imagine. Now this totally ruined my day. I was upset and grumpy and not very nice. 

And then… 

I came back from lunch and a boy comes up to me and goes ” hi, how was your lunch?” I was actually shocked. In two months not one child asked me anything that had anything to do with me or how I am. I replied with “it was good” the boy smiled, said “that’s good” and walks away. 

This conversation was less than 5 minutes. And it was so meaningful to me. It made me feel like I was a real person, with real emotions. Now this may sound selfish. But sometimes children make it seem as if you are this teacher creature that is there to cater to their every whim. Having someone acknowledge that you are a human who has feelings and opinions is so nice sometimes. 

So my day may have not been the best, but I’m so grateful for that small moment. And that moment is the reason why I’ll be at work tomorrow. Why I’ll wake up at 5 in the morning and travel for nearly an hour and a half. Why I’ll be patient and think of interesting things to do with the kids. That moment will be my motivation until the next moment. 

Happy Thursday! Stay safe this weekend!



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