Happy Friday!

Are you as relieved as I am that it is Friday? Whew! 

It’s been a long week. This was the first full week of school and after school  and classes in college. I also had two essays due this week. It’s been rough. But it’s nearly over! 

Just wanted to share some stories from the week! Here they are! 

  • On Monday, I had to work after school for the first time. It was a little hectic. I basically just stayed in my classroom and got some work done. 
  • On Tuesday, I was completely sure that it was still Monday. Woke up at 3 in the morning to write an essay due that day. (Talk about procrastination!) 
  • On Wednesday, in after school, we were unable to connect to the internet because we didn’t have the wifi password for the mine craft club. The students kept trying to look up how to go on mine craft on the Internet… Without the Internet connection. Now I’m not a computer genius but I tried to explain to them that Google doesn’t work without the Internet and they didn’t believe me… 
  • On Thursday, the kids just wouldn’t stop chatting and at that point, the teacher and I were just so tired that we decided to make carpet spots. Sigh. 
  • And today! I made myself a smoothie to drink and when I tried to open it on the train, it splashed all over me and the lady next to me. She was not happy to say the least. 

So as I sit here and reflect on the week, it doesn’t seem SOO bad but I’m just glad it’s almost over.

Have a great weekend! 



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