The joys of being a TA

For those of you who don’t know.. a TA is a teachers assistant. Now that’s very different from being an assistant teacher. First and foremost I am an assistant to the teacher in the classroom. My job consists of cleaning, making copies, and answering all of the ridiculous questions that pop into the kiddies heads. 

Public elementary school only started this month and we have yet to have a full week of school. But here are some “adventures” I’ve encountered since starting this job:

  • The AC didn’t work and had to be taken out and then put back in when it was fixed. 
  • The sharpener not working and having to open new pencils for kiddies to use for the past three weeks. 
  • Doing the work of two assistants because the other one was MIA. 
  • Pushing a chair in and having a huge snot be on my hand. (I almost threw up… And am feeling nauseous just thinking about it)
  • Spending the entire morning without the teacher and 31 students. (And having no voice because I’m sick) 
  • Using a real live vacuum for the first time in my life. (I’m 22 and have only used a handheld one..don’t judge) 
  • Having a child decorate a library label by writing black guys and drawing black circular things resembling people. (We weren’t sure how to deal with that one) 
  • Going to sleep at 7:30 pm because I’m so sore and exhausted from life. 
  • Balancing college classes and working.

It’s been an adventure to say the least. But it’s only been three weeks and I already get pictures saying I’m the best TA. It’s heartwarming 🙂

So here it is. It’s been a long post and I’m sorry for that. So much has happened and these are just the “highlights”. 

Check back next week for more fun adventures in the classroom! 



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